Pedaling for PathStone Rider Safety

Ride Safe! Be Safe!

We encourage all cyclists to ride with the utmost respect for the safety of themselves and others. Please read these guidelines carefully:

  • The use of headphones or any electronic device is STRICTLY PROHIBITED– you will not be able to hear traffic or other cyclists.
  • Obey all traffic signs, signals and directions from traffic officials. Stop at all stop signs. Signal all turns. Cross only at intersections.
    • Use hand signals:
      • Left turn – extend hand directly parallel to the road.
      • Right turn – use left arm at 90 degree angle.
      • Slowing/stop – extend left arm holding hand towards road at 90 degree angle.
      • Need help? Pat the top of your helmet a few times. A member of our SAG team will come to your aid.
    • Use voice commands:
      • “On your left” – preparing to pass another rider- only pass on left.
      • “Car Back” – to warn riders in front of you of approaching car.
      • “Stopping” – warns other riders you are stopping.
  • Be visible – wearing bright clothes allows you to be easily seen. A Pedaling for PathStone cycling jersey will be provided to each registered rider.
  • Intersections – be extra cautious. Cars might not see you and pull out in front of you.
  • Ride single file.
  • Avoid road hazards such as pot holes, puddles, sand, gravel, road kill, drains and parked cars. Communicate hazards to nearby riders.
  • Ride at safe following distance behind other cyclists and cars. A minimum of two bike lengths is required. No drafting or pace lines.
  • Large vehicles such as tractor trailers can pull you into their draft as they pass you. Try to maintain a straight line and compensate for the draft as they pass you.
  • Take breaks and stay hydrated. Bring snacks like bananas and energy bars. Start hydrating at least two days before the ride. Keep your caloric intake up (use this handy calorie calculator) & electrolytes replenished.
  • Do a safety check of your helmet and bike before your ride starts.
  • Wear lots of sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.
  • Stretch! Stretch! Stretch! Do a yoga class the day before the ride. Stretch before the ride and at refueling/rest stops. Stretch after the ride.
  • Practice! We strongly recommend you do a test ride the weekend before the bike ride. This will familiarize you with the route and gauge whether or not you’ll be able to complete the ride.