Stuart Mitchell

Welcome to my personal fundraising page!

I am reaching out to friends and family to respectfully request your support for our 2023 Pedaling for PathStone fundraiser scheduled for August 19. This is our 9th ride and many of you have supported our MarthaStuart teamwork. We truly appreciate your generosity. 

Your donation will assist PathStone participants achieve the skills and resources required to achieve financial self-sufficiency. Often program participants need essential unrestricted resources in order to take full advantage our government-funded programs. For 54 years PathStone has been solid and dependable resource to the families and communities we serve. Martha and I are honored to work with Isha Torres our PathStone Senior VP for Corporate Development, our CEO Alex Castro, community partners and volunteers to launch our 2023 version of this FUN FUND raiser.

To donate, simply click on the “Donate Now” button on this page. The process is secure, and your information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. 

We also encourage you to share this fundraising page with your friends, family and social networks. With minimal investment of time and effort, YOU can inspire your friends and family to contribute to this experienced and competent community resource. Share this link via email and/or your social media platforms. Together we will make a huge collective impact.






☆Henry Isaac☆                 ☆John Heveron ☆                 ☆John Smith ☆                 ☆Paul Gugel ☆                 ☆Timothy Mahan Mahan ☆                 ☆Mary-Jo Weegar Trillium Health ☆                 ☆Anne Mc Kenna St. John`S Home Foundation ☆                 ☆Baye Muhammad Rochester Economic Development Corporation ☆                 ☆Beverly Verbridge ☆                 ☆Barbara Deming ☆                 ☆Karen Elam ☆                 ☆Tim Tompkins Tompkins Realty & Lending ☆                 ☆Essie Calhoun-Mcdavid ☆                 ☆Kevin Hill ☆                 ☆Peter W Peters Reach Advocacy ☆                 ☆Alma Balonon-Rosen ☆                 ☆Stuart & Carol Cooper ☆                 ☆Dale Mitchell ☆                 ☆John Harrison ☆                 ☆Michael Tandle Bill`S Carpet Center ☆                 ☆Daisy Davis Finger Lakes Service Group ☆                 ☆Annette Phillips Pathstone Housing Corporation Of Indiana ☆                 ☆Ellen Hagelberg ☆                 ☆Barbara Purvis ☆                 ☆Thomas Fuller ☆                 ☆Robert Attardo ☆                 ☆Bill & Sandy Wynne ☆                 ☆Daphene Mcferren ☆                 ☆Susan & Jeff Kittle ☆                 ☆Christopher Cooley Cooley Creative Llc ☆                 ☆Barbara And Neil Ross ☆                 ☆Andrew Claus Ambuild Supply ☆                 ☆Willard Leon Beaulac ☆                 ☆Doug Dylla ☆                 ☆Eric Shoen Brandeis University ☆                 ☆Imageprinters Corp Imageprinters M&P Corp ☆                 ☆Edward L. Palumbos St Mary`S Church ☆                 ☆Sean Ossont Continual Care Solutions ☆                 ☆Theo Munson ☆                 ☆Frank Geraci ☆                 ☆Tim Flaherty ☆                 ☆Susan Verbridge Paulson ☆                 ☆Marisa E Geitner Heritage Christian Services, Inc. ☆                 ☆Nancy Mullins ☆                 ☆Helen Zamboni ☆                 ☆Jerry Alonzo ☆                 ☆Dan O`Dea ☆                 ☆John Mealey City Blue Imaging ☆                 ☆Stephen Neubert ☆                 ☆Karyn Giese ☆                 ☆Joel Barrett 43 North Real Estate, Llc ☆                 ☆Monica Monte Monte Marketing Consulting ☆                 ☆James Quinn ☆                 ☆Joseph Searles Jr Trillium Health ☆                 ☆Jeff Wight General Code ☆                 ☆Joe Talbot Usi Insurance ☆                 ☆Gary Passero N/A ☆                 ☆Gary Williams ☆                 ☆Jennifer Townsend ☆                 ☆James Tobin ☆                 ☆Whitney Mcclary ☆                 ☆Robert Rapoza Rapoza Associates ☆                 ☆Angela Sims ☆                 ☆Bill Curran Cca ☆                 ☆David Prout Cca ☆                 ☆John Heveron☆                 ☆Dirk Fuller☆                 ☆Shane Wiegand☆                 ☆Bonnie and Dave Kay☆                 ☆Allen Handelman☆

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