Barbara Cote

Welcome to Barb Cote’s fundraising page!

Thank you for clicking on the link and considering donating. This event is very special to me, and I have participated for several years. The riders raise funds to support three key local initiatives to improve quality of life in Rochester, NY for everyone:

  1. The Pathstone Foundation: raises support to provide quality services that are designed to create hope and opportunities for low-income individuals and families. PathStone provides access to safe, affordable homes, quality employment, education/health services, and loans to emerging business owners
  2. Black Girls Do Bike: supports a community of women of color who share a passion for cycling.
  3. Genesee River Alliance advocates to improve and enhance the river corridor, including new State Park at High Falls

You can support me – as a Rider- donate directly to support one of these Teams. Click on the DONATE NOW button and scroll down until you see “Donate to a Team or Individual.”






☆Pamela Rogers☆                 ☆Dan Leonard☆                 ☆Sally Dixon☆                 ☆Charles Cote☆                 ☆Chris Marren☆                 ☆Patricia Perkins☆                 ☆Laura Wilder☆                 ☆Dea Corsi               ☆Pam Stewart☆                 ☆Raymond Castronovo, Zenith Group, LLC☆

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